Reigniting the startup spark

Mattias Ask
by Mattias Ask

When I last worked with a startup, Flappy Bird was an obsession, everyone was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, and Facebook was still kinda cool.

Squidler is the first “imagine if…” to fire up my startup brain in the last 10 years. I find myself spending my downtime obsessing about niche things like product-market fit for autonomous web QA, how SaaS can help with website accessibility, machine learning for more effective testing, and more.

Why spend my spare time on this? I believe that we, the Squidler team, have both the skills, drive, determination, and experience needed to do something truly extraordinary — to democratize good quality for websites. Our goal is to empower small and medium-sized businesses with capabilities currently only available to large companies. We are executing on a technical innovation enabling fully autonomous testing, design feedback and recommendations, guidance on accessibility, and much more, and it is exhilarating. The fact that we are self-funding our work speaks to how strongly we believe in what we are doing.

When I say “democratize website quality,” I don’t mean it in any kind of hand-wavy, fluffy way — we want to lower the threshold for insights, understanding, and improvements for websites in general at a price point that is accessible for all businesses. We specifically want to empower small to medium-sized businesses — companies with only small budgets to spend on their oh-so-important web presence — to grow and improve their online user experience and customer base the same way that large-scale enterprises can.

If you’re running a web shop selling products, we don’t want to take your focus away from your core business. We want you to feel confident that your website is functioning as it should. You shouldn’t have to learn technical metrics and acronyms far disconnected from your core business. And most importantly, we really don’t want to take up your time and focus unless we find a problem or opportunity to improve your website. This is the balancing act we aim for, and we very much enjoy exploring it together with our customers.

We are only at the beginning of our journey, but Squidler is evolving quickly. We add more features every week, and we have new innovations already in the making that will elevate our abilities to provide value to you in new ways. I promise you this: even though we deliver a lot of value already, if you start using Squidler today, you will find that the value you get will only increase continuously.

If you have any questions about what we do or if you think we can help you in any way, please reach out on X or LinkedIn. We would love to hear your thoughts on what we are doing.