About us

Squidler is built by a small, self-funded team who believes that all businesses should have the same chance to grow online and feel safe about the value that their website delivers. We have the skills, drive, determination, and experience needed to do something truly extraordinary — to democratize good quality for websites.

When we say “democratize website quality”, we mean it literally. We want to lower the complexity and threshold for insights, understanding, and quality improvements for websites in general, and at a price point that is accessible for all businesses. Our goal is to empower small and medium-sized businesses with capabilities currently only available to large companies. With Squidler, we are delivering on fully autonomous testing, language feedback and recommendations, guidance on accessibility, and much more.

At the core of Squidler is a groundbreaking innovation, used to test your website much like a human tester would. Squidler acts like a regular visitor, exploring features and functionality on your site, and reporting back problems it encounters.

The Squidler Team

  • Mattias Ask
    Mattias Ask, CEO

    With 20+ years of industry experience, ranging from engineering to product management in both startups and enterprises, I’m passionate about human-centric innovation and empowering people and organisations to continuously improve.

  • Erik Ogenvik
    Erik Ogenvik, CTO

    Software developer with 20+ years experience in backend, frontend and cloud. Full stack developer used to delivering complete solutions, with work done for customers such as IKEA, E.ON and Sony.

  • Christopher Suarez
    Christopher Suarez

    Angel investor and seasoned (20+ years) in system architecture and engineering with business critical systems at several of the largest companies in Sweden.

  • Peter Kleine
    Peter Kleine

    Pushing the boundaries on how we work and what we do on the Web. Designed several products used by 100K users, in everything from startups to IKEA.